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We hope that your experience in renting a property through Haven Property Management is a pleasurable one. At Haven Property Management we believe that tenants are important customers, and our aim is to make moving into a new rental property a seamless experience.

Moving from outside of the Nelson/Tasman region?

The team at Haven Property Management understand how stressful and time consuming it can be to find a suitable rental property.  Please email us – inf@havenpm.co.nz or phone us on 03 548 3440, we are more than happy to help.

Located in Nelson or Tasman?

Check out our website to view our latest rental property listings. They will always go onto our website first before Trademe, so get ahead of the crowd. Once you have found a property you like the look of, email Haven Property Management to set up a time to view the property.

Tenants FAQ

The first step after viewing the property is to complete a tenancy application form, and send that along with some photo identification (drivers licence or passport) to Haven Property Management. This can be done online, via email, fax or in person at our office.

The property manager will process your application and submit it to the owner for consideration. We aim to complete this process within 48 hours. You will then be notified if your application has been accepted.

If you have been accepted for a property then you will need to make a time to come to our office and meet with the Property Manager to sign the tenancy agreement. Payment is also required – four weeks bond.

If you are concerned about something in the property, please contact our office via email or call during business hours of 8:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and speak to your Property Manager. It is important to advise us as soon as possible if you think repairs are necessary as failure to do so could leave you responsible for paying damages if you do not report a problem.

Should an emergency arise in the property after hours, during weekends or public holidays, then please email or phone your Property Manager or the office.

If, for some reason, you are unable to reach the your property manager, for any water related issues, turn off the water main (the location of the toby will be on your commencement report) and for any power issues turn off the mains. Always report the details of your emergency to our office as soon as possible on the next business day.

Please note that you should only do this if the maintenance issue is a genuine emergency, where the property is in danger if repairs are not carried out urgently. If an emergency callout is made for a non-essential repair, you will be responsible for the callout fee.

You will need to set up an automatic payment into our bank account, as per the automatic payment form provided when you signed the tenancy agreement. Please note that on this form is written your unique tenant code – please use this for all payments into our account so that your payments can be identified.

Alternatively payments can be made at any ASB branch using the bank account number on your tenancy agreement. Make sure you include your name and the property address when making payments.

When you pay your rent with us, you will always be paying “in advance”. This can be confusing so here’s and explanation of ‘paying in advance’. Say hypothetically  Your tenancy starts Friday the 1st. This will be the first day that you are due to pay rent. Paying one week’s rent on that Friday means you are paying one week in advance. In other words, it will cover 7 days, from Friday the 1st through to Thursday the 7th. This date is referred to as your “paid-to” date. Your rent is then due again on the next Friday, the 8th. This means your automatic payment will need to come out of your account on the 7th to clear in our account on the 8th.

In accordance with your tenancy agreement, rent is due and payable on or before the due date. Failure to pay rent by the due date will result in action being taken to rectify any rent arrears. Our company policy is to text you if your rent is one day late. It is then imperative that you make contact with our Office Manager immediately. If no contact has been made then on day 2 you will receive a 14 Day notice to remedy.

Your bond is held by Tenancy Services as security against rent arrears, damage or undue wear and tear. We will collect the bond before you collect the keys for the property, and this will be lodged with the Department of Building & Housing. The bond will be refunded to you once we have completed an outgoing property inspection and the property is handed over clean and tidy with no damage, and all rent and water has been paid up to date. Allow up to 5 working days for the bond to be refunded into your account by Tenancy Services.

Please note that in the event of rent arrears or property damage some or all of your bond may be taken to cover these costs. The Property Manager would be in contact to discuss anything that needs to come out of your bond. In cases such as this the refund of your remaining bond can be significantly delayed as we wait for invoices etc. to come through.

If you are on a Periodic Tenancy you must give at least 21 days notice in writing to terminate the tenancy. Please note that the 21 days starts from when we receive the notice, so it is best if you drop the notice in to our office directly or by email.

If you are on Fixed Term Tenancy this cannot be terminated by notice.

If you wish to end your tenancy early (called “breaking your lease”) then you will be responsible for paying rent until the property is re-let or the end of the fixed term agreement – whichever eventuates first. Please contact your Property Manager promptly if you decide you want to end your tenancy early and they will talk you through the process. Please note this is subject to an up front fee being paid for us to commence finding suitable replacement tenants.

Upon ending your tenancy please return to us all keys, pass cards and remote controlled door openers for the property. You are required to return these items to your property manager at the time of conducting the outgoing property inspection. If these items are not returned we will be forced to change the locks and or replace keys and the cost of this will be deducted from your bond.

All bonds are held by Tenancy Services and refunds are subject to the agreement of both landlord and tenant. To facilitate a quick bond refund, the property should be left in a clean and tidy condition and rent should be paid up to vacate date. An outgoing inspection of the property will take place after you have vacated and any remaining water usage will be calculated at this time also.

Please note that, in the event you pay by automatic payment, it is your responsibility to cancel your automatic payment authority at the end of your tenancy. We are unable to do this for you.

At Haven Property Management we carry out routine inspections 3-monthly (these are done by areas). You will be sent a letter or email the week prior to your inspection giving notice of the date and time of our visit. If this time does not suit please contact your Property Manager (contact details will be on the letter) but please note that, given the number of inspections we do, we are not always able to accommodate requests to change inspection times.

From time to time other inspections may need to be carried out, for instance, if the owner wishes a valuer to come through to value the property. You will always be given sufficient notice of these visits and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Please endeavo r to keep us up to date with your contact details at all times. This ensures that we can have clear lines of communication for any issues that arise, such as maintenance issues or missed rent payments.

If your contact details change, please contact our office.

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